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Financial Aid
Return to Title IV Policy

Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4)

Title IV funds (Federal Student Aid) are awarded under the assumption that students will attend school for the entire semester for which the funds are awarded.  Schools are required to apply the Return of Title IV calculation to the record of any aid recipient who does not complete their period of enrollment/semester. The school will determine that students are no longer enrolled when the semester academic load changes to zero (0) units for the semester.

1. If a student withdraws after completing 60% of the term, the student has earned 100% of the Title IV funds awarded/received. 

a) If all eligible funds are yet to be fully disbursed at the time of the calculation, the student will receive a Post Withdrawal Disbursement notification letter informing of the award eligibility, the amount that the student is eligible to receive, the deadline to respond and the instructions on how to accept the disbursement.

2. If a student withdraws from all classes on or before the 60% point of the term, the student may be required to repay the portion of the aid which was determined to be unearned. The calculation will determine the amount to be returned by the college, the student or both.

a) Any portion of the aid disbursed for which the school is responsible to repay to the U.S. Department of Education’s aid program(s) will be returned as soon as possible but no later than 45 days from the date of determination of the withdrawal.

b) If a student is required to repay any unearned portion of the award disbursed (directly to the student or used to pay the school), the student will receive an email notification detailing the amount owed and the name of the program. The student will have 45 calendar days from the date on the notification to repay the funds directly to the school. After the 45th day, the overpayment will be reported to the US Department of Education for collection.  The student will be ineligible for any additional Title IV funds until the repayment is resolved. Once the balance owed is transferred from the college to the U.S. Department of Education, the student can contact the Department of Education by calling 1-800-621-3115.

c) Any unearned portion will be returned by the college and/or the student in accordance with the method prescribed in regulations. The amount will be returned in the following priority order: 

1. Unsubsidized Direct Loan (Other than Direct PLUS loans)
2. Subsidized Direct Loan
3. Direct PLUS Loan (if required)
4. Federal Pell Grant (if required)
5. Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (FSEOG, if required)
6. Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant, for which a return of Title
IV funds is required.

d) Student repayment exceptions:

1.  Loan money will be repaid according to the terms and conditions of the loan promissory note.
2.  Any wages paid to a student from the Federal Work Study program are wages earned and do not need to be paid back.

3.  If a student is enrolled and drops from classes that do not span the full length of the term (short term classes), the student may be subject to the Return of Title IV calculation and the conditions delineated in 1 and 2 will apply.

4.  If at end of the semester/term a student receives all “F”s or has a 0.00 GPA, the Financial Aid Office will determine if the “F” grades were earned or if the student’s last day of attendance / classroom activity was prior to the last day of classes for the semester. If no record of attendance or classroom activity past the 60% point of the semester/term is found, the Return of Title IV will be calculated assuming attendance at the 50% point of the semester. The conditions explained in 2 will apply.

For the 2018-19 academic year, the following dates represent the 60% of point of each term:


60% point

Fall 2018

October 26, 2018

Spring 2019

April 12, 2019

Summer 2019

July 14, 2019

Any student planning to withdraw from classes or drop out of school should contact the Financial Aid Office and consider discussing the decision with an academic counselor. There are programs and/or services to assist students in staying on track with their educational goals

Updated 07/19/2018


Example:  Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) calculation

Sample Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) calculation